Friday, December 4, 2015

Rainy Days and Mondays

It rained for four days straight for our first four days on the Tenn-Tom.  And after that, it got cold.  I was hoping it wouldn't freeze in Mississippi this year, at least not until Christmas.  Geez.

Our cruise down the Tenn-Tom began with a stop a Grand Harbor Marina.  Nice place, and expensive.  We did purchase fuel, and since we left Sale Creek, we burned through a whopping 27 gallons of diesel, putting fuel consumption at just over .5 gallons per hour, or about 12-14 mpg.

Leaving Grand Harbor Marina.

We left Grand Harbor to anchor at Goat Island.  Whaddya know what we found on Goat Island?  The welcoming committee.

We quickly learned that tows are king on the Tenn-Tom.  Here, Tatiana had her tail between her legs, as this tow, the H.B. Stewart, followed us for about 10 miles before finally overtaking us in a straight away.  

The upper Tenn-Tom is a ditch that was dug to connect the Tennessee river watershed with the Tombigbee river.  The ditch section is about 100 miles long.  Here is a photo of some of the deeper sections of shoreline that needed to be dug out to connect the two rivers...

Lots of industry.  Here, we spotted the H.B Stewart again and a few days later, this time working at a wood mill.   And happily, blue skies again.


  1. Goat Island is aptly named! Thanks for all the updates and pictures. Enjoying reading about your adventures! - Eric

  2. Glad to see things are going well, hope you make it to warmer waters soon