Friday, May 20, 2016

Our bahamas trip has made it all worthwhile...

For a good part of our journey (especially the current one) we have sometimes felt more like delivery captains than explorers. First it was a mad dash south to out run winter.  We are currently on a dash north to find safety for the upcoming hurricane season. But, in between, we spent a glorious month in the Bahamas, and it has made it all worthwhile.  Here are the highlights, in pictures, because words don't do justice to this place...

Sailing along in our swimming pool clear water to our next destination...

Snorkelling from our paddle boards in Sandy Cay

The turbo turtles of Manjack Cay!

Sailing to another beautiful beach!

Another beautiful beach.

The Hopetown Lighthouse

Tatiana with her new friends in Hopetown (taken from the lighthouse)

Kristen conquers Tahiti Beach!

Kristen floating in space


Needless to say, we really enjoyed our time in the Bahamas this Spring, and are already planning our return next winter, with hopes of exploring more of the Bahamas.  For now, I will celebrate another completed post the way we celebrate the end of another great day in the Bahamas...conch style!