Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Back to the land of plenty

For our return to the states, we were planning to head north and west through Bahamas, to leave from the northernmost Abaco island chain, so that we could make some good distance north on our passage through the gulf stream.  But we are lazy, and we prefer that when the wind is out of the east, we go west.  That was just the case, it seemed for weeks on end, as we were planning our trip back to Florida.  So, instead of heading north from the Exumas, west we went.  To Nassau, to the Berry Islands, Bimini, and finally, back to Lake Worth, FL, which happened to be the same inlet that we left from in January.  As such, it turned our Bahamas cruise into a nice loop.  Although, the wind and seas were up a bit more than we prefer, it was all downwind, and so it was much more comfortable. 

The upside of our stop in Bimini is that we were able to enjoy the beach here on our final stop in the Bahamas this year.  It was the first Bahamian beach that we visited last year, and it was fun to revisit a place that we held so fondly in our memory.  Thankfully, it delivered, and we had a great time walking and exploring the beach again.

We had a long, 80 nm day ahead of us across the gulf stream and back to Florida, and we needed all the light we could get. Here is the early morning light leaving the harbor at Bimini. 

After nearly 4 months in the Bahamas, we were ready to be back in the USA.  We settled right back in, and found some wonderful food to restock the larder.  Because, you know, the journey is not over.  We are heading to Maine!