Saturday, August 18, 2012

Final moving phase: down the TN river to Sale Creek Marina

Well, I am finally getting around to posting this, but we have finally completed the moving portion of our sailboat adventure this summer with a nice and uneventful trip down the TN river.  The weather turned out perfect for such a trip, as it was overcast and breezy all day.  Our crew consisted of myself, Kristen and Wayne.  It was great to have another set of hands for the locking, thanks again for joining us, Wayne.  Not only he a great help in the lock, he also captured more great video!

Here are some other stills from the day:

Pre departure sunrise at Blue Springs Marina

Secure and ready in the lock to be lowered.

Exiting the lock on the low side, looking out at Chickamauga Lake. telling what Wayne is pondering, as we pass Sequoyah nuclear plant...

Safely docked to our new temporary slip at Sale Creek Marina.  Ahhhhh.