Monday, February 13, 2017

Fish On!

We timed our crossing from Eleuthera to the Exumas with a nice ENE wind to carry us comfortably on our SW heading.  With all sails up, we were happily sailing along at 5-6 knots in the 10-15 knot breeze.  The scene was quite pleasant, and on several occasions, we saw schools of flying fish coming out of the water around us.  Well, it was just the previous day that we had spent time on s/v Let It Be, where we had some diving and fishing, and I guess I had the bug enough to try my hand at dragging a hook behind the boat.  As you know, you can only catch fish if you have a hook in the water.

After about an hour we heard the spool start running out, and low and behold, it was a fish!  Not just any fish, but a Mahi Mahi!  And what a beautiful fish she was.  When you first spot the color of a mahi mahi, the brilliant yellow, green and blue colors glow neon.  By the time it was beside the boat, it was already loosing its color, but Kristen still managed to capture some of the brilliance in the second photo.  By the time it was on deck, it had had its final shot of tequila and the color was long faded.  I spent the next hour filleting and cleaning up the mess on the leeward decks (thankfully remembering that the mess could wash off the boat that way).  We now have a freezer full of fish and an experience to remember. Thank you fish.  

We are now exploring the Exuma Land and Sea Park, and will spend then next few weeks here before heading further south to Georgetown.  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Horizons

Heading south along the east coast this fall, we found it to be an easier than it was on our first trip north last spring. There were pleasant towns and anchorages to revisit, shallows to avoid, and wonderful scenery to see again.  While we had not seen all of the coast the first time, we knew enough that it was a far more comfortable trip south.  This familiarity extended into our Bahamas cruise as we passed through the Abacos as we headed towards the Exumas.

After our brief visit through the Abacos, we headed south to the island of Eleuthera about two weeks ago, and again, we return to a state of discovering new horizons.  The new is the adventure and it is one of the biggest driving forces that keeps our boat moving.

After a long day crossing from the Abacos, we found ourselves tucked into the cozy anchorage at Royal Island Harbor.

Tatiana at anchor in Royal Island Harbor

We stopped in Spanish Wells for some marina time while a strong cold front passed through.  The town is really interesting, and we look forward to coming back here again.


The working waterfront of Spanish Wells which includes the largest fishing fleet in the Bahamas

More waterfront scenes from Spanish Wells

While there, we met many other cruisers and quickly became friends.  We joined some friends on s/v Let It Be to Harbour Island and the wonderful pink sand beach there - we all agreed that is one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen.

The pink sand beach of Harbour Island

Mermaid in the surf

When we left Spanish Wells, we had some terrific weather for sailing and cruising down the west coast of Eleuthera.  We slowed the boat for a quick look at the "glass window", where the island is so narrow that the ocean has nearly completely divided the island in two.   There is a bridge connecting the two sides, that occasionally gets damaged with strong enough storms.

Glass Window of Eleuthera

There were few other boats cruising this coast of Eleuthera, and we often were the only boat at anchor.  

Here we are in Alabaster Bay of Eleuthera

Our final stop in Eleuthera was on the southern coast where we again met with our friends on Let It Be for some diving!  Wow, what great diving there!

Kristen hovering over the boiling hole

Kristen on a coral swim through

Nice soft coral

We are continuing to head south (not that it's cold, just more stuff to explore).  Our next stop will be the Exumas!