Thursday, January 21, 2016


After waiting for three and half weeks to order our shaft, it came in 4 days.  All at once, we got the shaft, a splash and a mast!  Our time of luxury here at Turner Marine spa and boat yard has drawn to a close.

Here are all the new parts ready to be launched.  The cutlass bearing is mounted in the sleeve on the right.  It supports the shaft, and when it failed, it wore the shaft down and both needed to be replaced.  

Here comes the splash!  It was a long month, living on the boat "on the hard."  We were really happy to get relaunched.  And no, it doesn't actually splash in the water.  It goes much slower than that (thankfully).  

 Immediately after launching, the crane picked up our mast and stepped it up.  Things are sure looking up now.  

The next day we put all the sails up and continued getting ready to continue our journey.  It looks like the next weather window to cross Mobile Bay and on to Florida is in a few days...

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Beaches and Beads

Yesterday, we took an excursion to the beach!  I know you were thinking that all we do is work on the boat all day, so I hate to burst your bubble.  We had a nice day on Dauphin Island, a barrier island at the mouth of Mobile Bay, and it was a treat to explore.  Even more impressive was that it was the first day of Mardi Gras celebration for Mobile.  Can you believe they celebrate Fat Tuesday for over four weeks here?  It all begins with the first parade on Dauphin Island, and we were there to launch the celebration!  After the forty minute parade, we hiked down around Fort Gaines at the eastern tip of the island to get to the beach.  While the water was inviting, we were loaded down with beads and Moon Pies and had about a two mile walk back to the car, so we didn't go for a swim.

I haven't yet figured out the whole Moon Pie thing here in Mobile.  I know they are made in Chattanooga, but somehow Mobile is Moon Pie crazy.  On New Year's Eve, they have a Moon Pie drop downtown.  Yes, it's a giant Moon Pie that gets lowered down the side of a building.  I was happy to watch that one on TV, and not in person.  And now for Mardi Gras, they throw beads and Moon Pies at you from the floats.  We scored nine Moon Pies during the parade!  This seems like a huge marketing opportunity lost by our previous employer. :)

All in all, I think we walked around 5 miles, and we got some good greasy food to boot.  Paradise found? Maybe just for today...