Thursday, November 12, 2015

Yay, we are finally on our way!

So long, Sale Creek.  Hello again Chattanooga.

It feels like we were just here.  Oh yeah, we were.  This time took two days instead of thirty minutes to get here.  Speedy travellers, we are not.

So, from the beginning, leaving Sale Creek was bitter sweet.  We spent about 8 years there learning to sail and working on boats.  A big thanks to the folks at Sale Creek Marina for all their help in getting us ready to go.  Here's a picture leaving the marina;

And an appropriate "start" to the journey:  

Our first night, we spent at anchor in Harrison Bay.  It was a beautiful evening to try some fishing, and in the morning, HOT SHOWERS at the state park.  Can you tell where our priorities lie?

The next day was a quick trip down to Chickamauga lock, and then on to Chattanooga.  The lock was our first time through Chickamauga lock, and I was happy not to have to worry about our mast height through the marginal clearances we would have had if our mast was not unstepped.  

Here's a couple of lock happy photographers....

Nickajack here we come:

 And finally arrival in Chattanooga:

It seems so weird to be here by boat.  Something we have looke forward to doing for so long, only now made available by this trip (including dropping the mast).  We will be here a few more days, enjoying our favorite things.  

Random thought of the day (kd):
Does it ever flash through your mind...what the hell are we doing?  

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