Friday, November 20, 2015

So Long, Chattanooga!

After a wonderfully uneventful trip through Chickamauga lock, we were tied up at Ross's Landing in Chattanooga.  We had a few days to spend some time with friends downtown and stop at some favorites and try some last few things in our hailing city before heading down the river.

Having never tied up in nearly two knots of current for the night left me wanting a few extra fenders and lines, just in case...

It was crazy to see our boat tied up on the waterfront.  It is starting to feel like we are actually going to start this cruise!

The view from our cockpit between the bridges was quite amazing.  
The traffic noise from Market St bridge was less so.

We are both so happy to have had a chance to see old and new friends that joined us downtown.  We both already miss all the great people we got to know in Chattanooga, and the urge to return will likely remain strong.  Thank you, Chattanooga, for all the great memories.

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