Monday, March 12, 2018

Sailing into Newport

As we pulled out of Port Washington on the west end of Long Island Sound, we knew we had a few easy days of eastbound travel with a southwest breeze.  One of our first sight upon exiting Manhasset Bay was the lighthouse at execution rocks. It has a gruesome history from colonial times when prisoners would be chained to the rocks at low tide and be left to drown as the tide consumed them. There has since been a nice lighthouse and building added to this clump of rocks making for a scenic landmark. 

It was the fourth of July, and we pulled out our patriotic red white and blue spinnaker to celebrate.  We moved to Port Jefferson that evening, where we dropped anchor for the night.  Port Jefferson is a busy harbor with lots of boat traffic, especially with a fireworks show that brought out dozens of boaters. The ferry seemed to come and go every hour, and you had to time your passage through the narrow inlet to stay out of this big fella's way.

We had another nice, easy day on Long Island Sound that ended near Fishers Island at the east end of the sound.  We ended up anchoring on the Connecticut shore outside Mystic, Connecticut on the edge of a small mooring field. 

We listened to the soothing sounds of the fog horn from Latimer Reef Lighthouse all evening, and enjoyed the view as we passed by the lighthouse early the next morning.

We had a light southeast breeze as we motored-sailed east along the Connecticut shoreline.  Point Judith was a welcome sight, as we turned north and had a nice following breeze to sail into Newport, RI.  It was great fun to enter this harbor full of sails, but we felt a bit intimidated by some of the fellow sailors in this harbor.  The majestic Columbia (below) was heading out under full sail for an afternoon sail as we entered the harbor. 

We were grateful to find a spot to anchor in the cheap seats of this busy harbor full of expensive mooring balls and marinas. 

We spent a few days enjoying the sights of this "old money" town. 

The hydrangeas were in full bloom in early July.

We continued our eastbound trek after leaving Newport, stopping first for a night in Cuttyhunk, where we were able to explore this interesting island.  We made it to the summit, where there is a nice lookout platform.

From this vantage point, we could look out to the harbor, where Tatiana sat at anchor with her new roommates for the night.

The next day we made the trip to Onset, Massachusetts, where we staged for the passage through the Cape Cod Canal, and on toward the cold waters of the Gulf of Maine.

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