Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Exploring the last of the panhandle of Florida

Once we recovered from our overnight trip to Port St Joe, it was time to explore!  We took the dinghy from our anchorage to the municipal marina.  What a nice town and marina!  We both looked at each other, and said, yep. we could live here.  This was our kind of Florida.  Miles of beaches, friendly people, and no condos!

Unfortunately, the one major drawback to our staying here - it is still cold here.  We still have no heat on our boat unless we are plugged in to A/C power, and freezing temps are freezing temps, even in Florida.

Our next overnight weather opportunity was just a short four days away, and we needed to move through the ICW to get in position at Carabelle, so unfortunately, our stay in Port St Joe was cut short.  We headed up the ICW and made our way to Apalachicola.  We anchored across the river from town, and had a beautiful view of this cool harbor town.  We toured the museum and enjoyed the history of the town.  It was once bustling with various trades over the years, but now it has gotten a bit sleepy and just about perfect, if you ask me.

A view of the waterfront in Apalachicola, from our anchorage.

The quaint streets and waterfront view of Apalachicola.

Or, was it just a chance view of Tatiana while crossing the street?!?!

Leaving Apalachicola, we headed a bit further east toward Carabelle.  We stayed at anchor for two nights outside of town, to position ourselves for the overnight ahead.  There we found lots of undeveloped beaches and a friendly attitude among everyone we ran across.  What a pleasant part of Florida we had discovered.


  1. I love that part of Florida, have spent many days fishing those waters. Glad you got to enjoy. Warmer waters are south. Good luck , smooth water and 15 knots on you back.

  2. Thanks, Shawn. Kristen and I both look forward to returning to this area (sometime warmer) and spending some time here.